Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Nerds Rule!

There are times when you see things that just make you laugh. Not because they happen to be funny, but because, they are, and more, they fit you very well.

I have to say I laughed out loud at this parody. Its so true in so many ways. If I were to count the evenings I have spent with friends and strangers around a dinning room table, gathered on the floor of a room in university hall of accomodation, roleplaying and rolling dice, it would be embarrising. So here is to all the nerds and geeks, who keep the world going and will save the day when the zombies rise!


Shelldrake said...

Thanks for sharing - I enjoyed this very much.

I used to work in a shop selling RPGs and I wish I had a dollar for every geek and nerd that tried to invite themselves around to my place to play.

The Extraordinarii said...

Hahahah Funny stuff, good post....Roll a D6 nah nah roll a D6