Monday, 9 July 2012

Its over for another year..

I will do a full report for Gauntlet 2012 Show shortly, but not got the time right now.
So just to keep you guessing, here are a couple of photos.. of my Dungeon bash.

7am Saturday Morning.

A few turns in. The fog of war slowly rolls back.
I will post some more shots this week and do a full write up as time allows. But suffice to say, it was a late setup, but a great two days of gaming. The show was busy, the WRG 6th Ed tournament went well both days, though simon has its running down pat I think from many years of experience. The 40K tournament I ran on sunday, went really well.

All in all.. a great weekend. Still recovering today. But then there is no gain without pain.. or at least lugging several large boxes of Dwarven Forge up and down stairs.