Thursday, 8 March 2012

Side tracking - That evil temptation - Beware!

Well, you start the gaming year. You plan out your projects for the coming 12 months in the hope of getting some serious progress made. You start out with all good and gran intentions.


Bam! Before you know it. Something insidious and sneaky has snuck under your interest radar and you have suddenly gone off track. The planned gaming train is de-railed and you are left wondering why, but you don't really care as the latest shiny thing has got you in its grip!

So gamers beware! The evilness of new projects and getting side tracked into something..

So.. where was I.. oh yes. Its March. Its the third month of the year! Nearly a quarter gone already and well.. its not looking good for Vietnam and zombies. My initial forays have been repulsed by a slight side step into a fantasy game. Dough!

Well at least there is still a good chunk of the year still left to go and get things back on track.

It is WMMS show this weekend coming at Allumwell. One of my favourites of the year. Its not huge by any standards. But its not too far away and its the first proper wargames show my calendar for most years. So looking forward to it. The good news too, is, I don't have a big "want" list.

Following my sundry purchases at the South Cheshire Militaire for practical things like scalpel blades etc. I am actually pretty much sorted. A few more modern colour of paints for my zombies are on the lists. But probably only one or two.

So it will be a case of hunting the bring and buy. Hopefully selling off a few bits if I can get them packed in time. And keeping my eyes open. Will try and do a write up if i manage to remember to take some photos.

I watched startship troopers again the other night. And yes, I suddenly felt very guilty for not progressing that game much either. Having realised though, now with a few games under my belts I don't need vasts numbers of Mobile Infantry, it has heartened me some what.

The first plan and one I am hoping to make some progress on today is a tidy up of the painting table. Before I head to the club. As I need to try and locate a few bits for a friend at the club.

So thats it for now. More to follow shortly. I promise. Hope your own gaming projects are still on track and going well.

Monday, 5 March 2012

South Cheshire Militair Video

In addition to my show report, here is a video, not done by me. But showing more of the models etc.