Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Where has the time gone??

Fe****ing Hell!

Where has the time gone??

Seriously.. it is now February 2014. A few years ago I bought some zombies, I started my Starship Toopers Miniatures Game project and my 28mm Vietnam project and errrr "some years" later.

And none of completed. It is scary how time has flown. In fact it is alarmingly scary!

So I will be trying to catch up! Watch this space!!!

South Cheshire Militaire Show - Sunday 23 February 2014

First show of the year for me.
Though its primarily a modelling show with some fantastic models on show, with some stunning levels of detail and skill, there is usually a small war gaming element to it.

It is also a nice day out.

Alas I have no photographs. I was a little battle weary on Sunday and didn't take any photos.

The show was pretty much the same size as the previous year. There was only one empty stand, in the main hall.

The up stairs was the usual mix of wargaming, RC cars/planes and trucks! With an indoor flying area for some of the smaller electric models.

The bring and buy was a little empty.. a shame, but that is the way things go now and then.

The main hall was its usual busy self though it was noticeable that there were a few re-enactment displays filling in and less actual "modelling supplies" traders, which was a shame. As I was on the hunt for a few tools and bits and bobs.

The range of models on display were once again, massive and varied. All sorts of things, from plains, trains, trucks and sci-fi "what if" creations.. with various local and not so local clubs and groups displaying.

The venue is a little crowded first things, but it does quieten shortly after lunch most years and this year was no exception. Seems to the general trend for shows these days. I guess its time pressures on gamers and modellers alike.. spending all day is difficult to do.

Sadly the out door displays of vehicles / bb shooting range / paintballing  etc that in some previous years have been seen were not present. A shame, as me and my friends were discussing over lunch in weather spoons before returning to the show. It does seem to be a changing of the guard, as it were, for the ages.

The average age of modellers must be approaching 60-70s now, and fewer and fewer younger people entering like me. Now I don't do much modelling if at all any these days, due to wargaming being my primary interest, but I do love to and see the efforts of those far more skilled than my self. But it is alarming, that so few younger people seem interested at all.

And frankly, the poor understanding and ability to identify historic aircrafts or boats is alarming in its self amongst the younger generation.

I am now officially, by virtue of writing this post, old!
But it is scary.

Shows like the South Cheshire Militaire are facing a battle against changing times. Even our wargames shows have seen many a decline and I am not sure quite what the solution is.

It was good to see the show organisers asking people leaving, if they minded suppling their home postal area code (just the first two letters) in an endeavour to understand where their customers come from and where to focus their advertising. Though my postal code area, covers a massive area and crosses borders of England and Wales, so that one might not be as "telling" as others.

So over all I spent £6.00 and came away with a book and some dice! I would have bought some paints, apart from the offer for £1.80 or 5 for £9 or 10 for £17! A crafty bit of advertising.. as the first two are identicle value.. 5 paints for £9 is £1.80.  So I held off till WMMS in March, as that is not far away and there are usually a trader or two doing Vallejo paints.

So will we be back in 2015? I see no reason why not, timings, life etc allowing.