Saturday, 23 November 2013

Prodos Aliens Vs Predator the Miniatures Game - Kickstarter - Photos.

Here are some photos from the demo day held today taken by Jason Barlow.
His blog is here:

These are looking stunning.
Very pleased I am backing this Kickstarter now.

Edit - ohh my lord.. I thought that was the warrior compared to infant aliens.. NOPE.. that is an infant compared to the stalkers.. that means the warrior is much bigger. ohhhh. Defnitely glad I backed this now. One to get for sure!

Prodos Aliens Vs Predator the Miniatures Game - Kickstarter

Well, been a while since I did an update.
So here goes.

AVP.. that classic PC game, Comic and fan fiction genre. Always loved by many a sci-fi geek or 80's child who was scared shed-less by the black xenomorph.

Well it seems Prodos have the right from Fox and are nearing the end of their Kickstarter.

Only 5 days to go!

So here are some links.

Alien Vs Predator The Miniatures Game by Prodos Kickstarter

Some photos from the demo day they are holding today (23/11/2013).

So, it basically comes in two flavours the game.
A space hulk style board game and a Miniatures Wargame.

The Kickstarter miniatures will be uniques, as once this goes into production, they will be different poses and in basic plastic. Not the polyeurathene resin that the KS will be.

Currently the project is way past its funding levels and doing quite well.
Hopefully a last 48hour surge will strike, as per usual and the project will get to unlock the queen.
But fear not, even if it is not unlocked, Prodos have said already, it will be released in the future.

The box sets are nice. And I have had personal assurance the card stock is the same quality and thickness as the Third Edition Spacehulk, which frankly was quite lovely.

So do have a good look at the write up of the demo day on Jason Barlow's blog linked above.

And if it is your cup of tea, why not give it some support. I can already see this Ltd Edition sets making several hundred on evil bay and other auction sites once the KS is over! The figures will also make silly prices, as the later ones will be plastics.

Personally I will be hanging on to mine, as its always a great game and one I think every kid in the world who has seen the film would love to have a go at, at some stage!

Smart guns ahoy!!  If it bleeds, we can kill it!

Oh and I should also say,, wow.. proper Predator Figures! I mean, no look alikes here. These are all licensed by FOX films. So are going to be stunning.

Oh and there is a lot more to come!