Tuesday, 1 November 2011

28mm Zombie Miniatures Review by FG

No point in re-inventing the wheel they say. So here is a blog I ran across the other day, when looking at 28mm zombie miniature suppliers and makers.


It is a little dated. 2006. But not too much has changed. Most of the makers mentioned are still about. Though it does not include Victory Force Miniatures I don't think.

Some nice photos and good comparisons.

So worth a look if you feel a zombie outbreak is likley.


The Horde has grown.

The remainder of the Victory Force Miniatures Zombies I ordered have now arrived. The last lot in record time. The tax man struck on one package alas. But even with the tax it worked out at £1.15 per figure, inc postage and tax etc.

The other packs contained a similar ratio of female to male zombies. I have the odd duplicate, but far less than I was expecting. And I got a free sample figure, which is nice.
I believe it to be a death row prisoner zombie with metal electric chair skull cap!
But i could be wrong. That is how I plan to paint it.

So now is the issue of basing again. 2pence or 1pence pieces? Generally I use 2pence pieces for stability. But the 1pences may allow closer packing. But at the cost of stability.

They also look better when laid down to indicate dead or knocked down figures.