Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Finding Players - A gamers nightmare at times..

Hi Folks,
Well I am fairly lucky. I have a large and well attended gaming club near by which I regularly attend.
So playing wargames is not a big problem. However though the club does have the occasional roleplaying game (usually run by me), finding fellow roleplayers to participate in a game is never easy.

Infact, its very difficult at times, especially if you live away from any of the major towns. Well certainly in the UK.

So whilst I am searching for some players for a Pathfinder game I am planning to run at a friends in Crewe, I came across the two following site;


Which at least offer a quick visual reference and search feature for local players.

Its funny how many times I have heard of gamers, suddenly discovering that just down the road were fellow gamers, who have been there for years, but never knew.

So I thought I would share these for my UK based readers, incase they were of interest. The also covers further afield too for my US cousins or those even further afield.

So hoep they prove useful.

DM-ing - The challenges and Problems

If you are a roleplayer you will likley know what I am waffling about today. If you are not, then you might not.

I have been table top roleplaying for well, since I was 11. On and off, but there has hardly been a year that has passed where I have not played in one game or another.

I guess I probably fall into that catagory of less than twenty percent of gamers. Those that enjoy both playing a character or being the dungeon master or DM.

I was watching the following video (its a three part series);

The experiences that the chaps are having over in the USA, is well, global I think for most players. But I have to say, I don't agree with some of the statements about being a GM.

Infact I am the master of being un-preppared when I am GM or DMing.. which ever term you wish to use.

I will have to write a guide to "winging it"!

I have generated entire campaigns, purely starting with a place. A group of players some random weather and story elements, and then letting the players lead the way. Seriously.. often the best ideas come from your players. Just listen and build upon their ideas. As they discuss their views, their plans, their actions. You can easily borrow/build upon or change something to fit.

Work loosely and don't over plan. The players will always do something different to that which you expect. So roll with it!

There is no need to worry or to stress if you are not sure what to throw at the players or where the adventure will go now, because your story just broke, as the NPC was killed by the players and not rescued.

The art of being a DM is to entertain your players. Make it interesting, fun and challenging. I work on the story in my head, and the ideas. Simple plot ideas, to start with and then use the thoughts and view of the characters and the players controlling those characters to expand upon them till whalla.. the game rolls on with the players often not realising.

Yes do plan, to make hand outs etc, they are all fun and help. But don't stress over them or worry about having to meet some mystical standard and certainly never worry over the rules. It is why we have rule books and if it comes to it.. its your world, your rules go!

I think I will do some more articles on the art of being a DM as I see it.