Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

Happay New Year all. 2013 is finally upon us.
And another gaming year begins.

So, time to rally the troops, review the projects at hand and decide on the new years plans.

In my case, the gaming year will focussed on the following;
1) To get my 28mm zombie horde complete and onto the gaming table.
2). To get my long awaited starship troopers collection advanced, in terms of construction and painting.
3). To get my 28mm vientam war projects sorted out and some painting begun.

Thats the idea at this time.

Due to a lack of certainty at work about contracts, it is going to be year of frugal gaming. A time to cut back on un needed spends and to try and focus on the above, for which most of the spending has already been done.

I know from past experience and being very honest to my self the chances of keeping to this plan are slim.. but it is nice to start the year with one and to be able to fall back and review it in the future.

So.. watch this space. And may this be a merry year of gaming for all.