Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Return to gaming..

So the Corona Virus has hit the world hard and we are still in the midst. For my its a tough time. The lock down we are currently in and the virus presence means no club gaming.
I have not been well health wise either and so haven't had much energy for gaming of late.

However it is finally time I got some of my Rogue Trader era 40K miniatures on the move and painting.
I have just taken delivery of a ultrasonic cleaner and will be giving that a try to help with the stripping of old lead and plastics.

I have some new boxes to go on the shelves and I plan to finally.. yes finally.. get my collections into some sort of organisation rather than random boxes of ebay wins etc littering the shelves where I forget what is in them and then promptly buy the same model twice or thrice or four times or may, just maybe five times.. lol.

So the lead addiction and mountain still grow. Though some will be going up for sale soon as I rationalise a few unwanted projects, as I simply need to clear space.

So apologies for the long delay between posts but hopefully will get some more going soon.

Stay safe everyone and happy Hobbying as best you can.