Monday, 27 February 2012

South Cheshire Militaire Show Report - 26th Feb 2012 - Crewe

The South Cheshire Militaire Show held in Crewe, each last Sunday of Feb. Is usually the first "show" of the year for me. Though mainly a modelling show, it has aspects of wargaming, railway modelling and radio controlled elements. The show is held in Oakley Centre, opposite ASDA and has plenty of car parking nearby. Which thankfully is free on a Sunday.

I first went to the Militaire many moons ago. Sometime around the late 1990s, as I was studying for my degree nearby.

So, three of us, piled into Micks car early on a sunday morning and headed off. The trip there was very quiet.

The show was not as busy as last year in terms of visitors and traders and displays. This could have been down to the football matches etc on and also the economic climate.
Either way, it was still reasonably busy as I hope the photos will show.

I am not a modeller as such. But I do admire the skill and efforts of those who are. My neighbour is a modeller and was there with his local group, showing a selection of military vehicles.

So here are some photos, with notes where I can recall anything of particular note.
South Cheshire Model Club
The curtain, behind the stand, hides the model competition area, which was being judged when I was taking photos so, sorry no shots of the winners or entries in the various classes. But take my word for it. Some seriously nice models and painting standards on display. Not as many entries as last year sadly.

Part of the up stairs area, with RC bits at the far end. Bring and Buy was next to this, just out of shot.
 The show has two areas down stairs, The main hall, a side part of the hall, and the upstairs area where wargames games and RC and railroad bits and the competitions tend to be held.

This years only wargame I spotted. Last year there was much more.
 The wargames element was much larger last year with three or four traders and 3-4 demo games etc. This year I only spotted the one table and one trader who's primary stock was gaming related. He seemed to be doing a roaring trade, given his captive market. I grabbed a tin full of 40k bits and odds and ends for £15. Which had a few terminators in it, to finish me space hulk rpg/game (see other blog posts). Inc a couple of tech marines and some old OOP bits. So not too bad for the pennies.

Tiny scale model railways layout.
 When we first moved back to the UK, and I was about 7, I recall going to a model railways show in Brighton with my father. And I recall, wathcing a tiny layout, just like the one shown above. That Christmas my father bought me a hornby OO set. But I can still recall the fascination of the tiny layouts and the trains. This was a very neatly done layout.

RC Trucks and Trailers. Very impressive.
 Before I got into wargaming, I used to build and fly RC model aircraft. I build some pretty big ones in my time, including a 1/4 scale piper cub with working camera in its belly. I still have a love of all things Radio Controlled, be they trucks, cars or plans or helicopters. The trucks and plains are a regular part of the show and there were also simulators for people to have a try with.

A seriously impressive large scale RC aircraft. The work on the wings was lovely.
The netted area to the rear of the photos is the RC area where things were displayed in motion. In previous years RC helicopters and plains have been flown inside it. I didn't see any in flight this time. But it was popular with the youngsters.  
Little, medium and large.. The progress of electric model choppers is quite something.
 When I started RC flying, in the early 1990s, Electric planes and helicopters were in their infancy and very short duration. Motors were pricey and weak. Now days the technology has moved on considerably and is quite impressive.

Sorry about the lighting.

Very nice scene. Loves the texture and colours.

Scratch built bridging equipment. Very impressive.

1/35th scale models I think. Some seriously nice work.

Chester Model Club Stand. Up stairs.

This was on the South Cheshire Model Club. A Wasp attack chopper from GHOST in the Shell, with a Tatchkoma.

Tatchkoma omnipede tank from Ghost in the Shell, Animation Series.
 I think these ranked as my favourite models this year. I love the animated series, Ghost in the Shell and these models were very nicely done. Unfortunately was not able to find out if they were kits or scratch builds. I have seen a Tatchkoma tank, kit before. But not the Wasp attack chopper.

More ghost in the shell model shots.

View of the central area of the down stairs, from the up stairs landing. To the right behind the partition was another area.

The view down into the left side of the main hall.

I missed Vader! But R2-D2 was doing a great job of raising money for good causes. As he trundled forward and back.
 There were a few folks in various Star Wars Costumes. R2, was semi mobile, with an RC controller and lights and sound. Very nicely done. Did not see the darlek moving. But again was very nicely done. All I can say is people must have been garages to keep them in.

Captain Scarlet Models.

Space 1999 build in progress.

Hawk model, made with components from a myriad of AIRFIX kits.

Have seen a similar layout to this Y-wing. But still a lovely model.

Y-Wing prepping for flight.

Mechano - Big kids at play. Seriously nice working models.

My mechano never looked like this.

A very nice and neat display.

More models.

Vientam diorama. Very nicely done. Loved the mud effect.

The foreground seemed a bit sterile to me, but then its easy to moan, as I haven't spent the probably many many hours make ing it. But it was still lovely.

There were several traders selling a variet of model kits, or modelling related bits and pieces.

More models.. in the main hall.

This one reminded me of the display at Bovington Tank museum where the full size is on show.

My second favourite figure of the show.

The photo does not fully do these justice. The detailing was impressive.

More nice models on show down stairs.

I always am impressed by the large figure models and busts. There were some stunners, with brilliant paint work on.

Just one of the many stunning large figures.

Flat models. The scenese and painting on several of these were breathtaking. I just wish the camera could do a better job of showing the visual effect.

I dread to think fo the house in vested in these flat figure displays. The painting is something special.

Sci-fi models. Some nice bits.

I liked this array of four viper bays. Its the kind of model I would love to have made. Not too clean.

A motely crew of sci-fi classics.

An aerosan lurking on the top right, with a variety of other military vehicles.

I couldn't get to the bottom of this display. As the chaps were always busy when I tried to enquire. But it looked interesting.

Airfix Members Club stand.

All airfix kits.

A view back toward the cafe / food area.

Some more lovely aircraft.

Some moden era kits.

Sci-fi small scale pieces.

25lber and 3" mortor with bren, GPMG and bits. A nice display.

I would love to have a go at firing a 3".

The side area down stairs.

Some model trucks and 1950s displays.

The local RC Boat club always have a good display.

Yes, that is a working titanic and this one floats.

Some impressive models.

Liked this C130 Gunship.

Some of my neighbours and his club mates work.

I was trying to identify the tank, but my brain has failed me.

Mick, attempting to run away.

My purchases for the day were some more x-acto scalpel blades, a new small handle, some plastic weld glue and tin of GW 40K random bits and bobs. So not a fortune spent, but the blades were needed.

So not a bad day out. Was good to get out and see new things and pinch ideas and tips from various places and generally have a good wander.

So now it is a case of two more weeks and it is WMMS.. the next and first full Wargames Show of the year for me.

If you are not too far from Crewe, and have not been. Then why not pop along and see the Militaire next year.