Thursday, 9 July 2020

Getting the next generation into Wargaming.. with AT-43

In January
, I picked up a copy of Operation Damocles, AT-43 by Rackham. It was a whim purchase and didn't really have a use for it. BUT its proven to be a great buy..

With the Covid Lockdown hitting here in the UK and isolating.. my friends two lads were off school and stuck upon the gaming console, getting more and more feisty and less and less social.

So in an attempt to get them off their console I have given them the box set and got them into gaming, via social distancing. I write the missions and they play them.

Its amazing how they have improved socially now they are off the x-box and actually engaging their brains. They love the figures, especially as they are pre-paints.. not the best quality, but are sturdy enough to survive their rough handling.

So far they have completed all the missions in the set and enjoyed some others I have made.

I am now hunting for some more figures to expand their forces and keep the games going.. and keep them off the gaming console.. So if anyone can help please please, give me a shout.. On the hunt for any old AT-43 stuff to expand the games.

Cheers John and happy gaming in these strange times.