Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Other Partizan Show Report 1st of September 2013

So, the week before I suddenly decided it was worth going to the show.
Haven't been to the Newark, Kelham Hall in a while. Infact, since Hammerhead about 2008, which proved to be a dire show and the distance killed any further interest.

So I surprised my self by having some enthusiasm for the show and off we went. Just to the two of us, as several of my gaming friends were away.
The drive over, was long and slow in places, but not too bad. The road works and speed cameras were a pain. They seriously must have some bad drivers in Nottinghamshire, as the number of cameras was incredible.

Anyhow, we got there for 9.45am and queued to get in. Got our free figure, and wandered about.

We nipped out about 11.30am and had an early lunch, though our early start meant it felt like mid day and then wandered back to pick up the odd bit here and there.

I bought some cheap books and a Pig Iron War Droid for the a £5ea. And I grabbed a couple of Cesna Vietnam era planes in 15mm for my 15mm nam project from Old Glory. They were very nice.