Friday, 6 January 2012

2012 - A new year of gaming..

Happy New Year - my dear readers. Hope you all had a good holiday season, where-ever upon this earthly globe you happen to be.

So 2012, its here..!

The painting schedule is already behind, given I am 6 days into the new year, it is a little frustrating, to say the least! But hey, I have plenty of time to catch up.

So far, zombie skin tone has been decided upon. Model Colour Stone Grey. Over a white undercoat, comes up nicely. I will do an update as the zombies progress.

Plans for 2012

Having sat down and cast a serious look at my model collection, I have in keeping with the spirit I started this blog in, decided to keep my gaming projects limited. Firstly for monetary reasons and secondly for time and probably just as important at the others. Space, in terms of storage.

So.. in no particular order I plan to continue my slow progress on my Startship Troopers figures. My Vietnam and a fantasy campaign skirmish project that is in the early days of planning.

"So what about the zombies..??" I hear those awake in the front, scream loudly! Well these are my first project of the new year. The others are on hold till the zombies are done! Now the skin tone is chosen, I can crack on. I still have to settle on a rule system, to use for the games I have in mind. AR:SE may not quite cut it, but we will see.

So.. that's the plans for 2012.. and so what did I find my self playing this week at the club.. Future War Commander in 6mm..

Ok, ok,, its not 28mm.. but I have for a while fancied a foray into a smaller or larger scale game, depending upon how you look at it. My regular group at the club have gone heavily into 15mm, to play FWC and Tomorrows War with. Mostly a mix of GZG and cheap toy shop buys. In fact some £1 shops have had an array of VAB type armoured troop carriers, and cheap tanks and sci-fi type flayers. Quite amazing.

Anyhow, the game was great. I won! How I am not quite sure, but it had something to do with me rolling snake eyes, twice during commands. This meant a free extra action for the unit I was issuing orders. In both cases it was my squadron of four red guard tanks. Which were able to pore fire into main cluster of my enemies, AFVs and APCs.. the resulting couple of rounds of firing, tore out his central push, then a luck round of artillery, deviating onto his commander, meant his commander was put out of the fight.

Its a very different rule set that I am generally used to. The fact you cannot be certain, your units will do as you wish, does make you think differently and more strategically. And I can see a certain appeal. I look forward to seeing how my club mates get on with it, in 15mm, as I have usually seen FWC, or Blitzkrieg Commander II or Cold War commander played in 6mm.

But until I can resolve my storage issues, I won't be investing in another scale for now.

So, anyways I have prattled on long enough for tonight. So hope your gaming projects all go as planned and everyone has a good year ahead. I will aim to keep more regular updates here throughout 2012.  So all the best.