Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Ok fans, a bit of an apology. This year has not really seen any posts on my blog.
Unfortunately life has been a bit manic and I haven't managed much in the way of gaming or modelling this year. I have been spending more time playing RPGs due to a move and work.

However I have managed to pick up a few good sets of old Rogue Trader 40k era figures for Orks, Marines and Eldar and I have some great games in mind for the new year.

I have had a few figures painted by Jonathan Tarry of Felix Figure Painting

These are a mix of Macrocosm figures and original GW plastic hybrids which I had painted by Jon prior to the release of the new Genestealer Cult Book and Figures by GW. I love the look he has given them. The lighting on the picture is a little bright sadly on the macrocosm figures. But if you have a look through his immense gallery of pictures of things he has painted you will see some lovely work. And at good prices.

So my gaming projects for 2017 are simple.
1. To get the painting table setup, as hasn't happened since the move.
2. To get some more Rogue Trader 40k games and maybe some 2nd Ed played. Getting the Oldhammer Feel.
3. To try and rationalise some of my gaming collections and get more actual games played and reduce the lead mountain a little. As frankly it is more a mountain range and mountain right now.

So a year comes to a close I can only wish you Merry Festivities and may 2017 bring you more games and more fun!