Saturday, 8 September 2012

Brief update and delays.

Hi Folks, Hope everyone is well. Apologies for the lack of posts of late.
Another hobby of mine has been taking up a fair bit of my time as well as other things.

So, anyhow. A quick catch up.

1). Zombies.. the project roll-eth on, slowly.. I have the next batch on the painting table amoungst the clutter and are progressing. I will get a few progress shots done shortly.

2). Dip / Wash painting experiment. I still haven't got to experimenting with the Pledge Klear, for making dips and washes yet. I recieved some 30ml plastic bottles, sourced from ebay, with dropper inserts for the tops. So hopefully I cam make up some varying shades and see how they go.
I have a bottle each of the Dayler Rowley FW inks, one black and one sepia. And so will be trying some combinations etc to get a nice shade.

3). Vietnam.. hmmm ok.. this project has officially stalled. Not for too long though.

4). Starship Troopers the miniatures game by mongoose. - errr.. ok yep another slightly stalled project.

5). Keeping my promise now to buy any new periods/etc.. - actually due to a lack of funds and time, has been kept so far!  Errr.. arh, oops just realised I bought a box of epic figures at our club show. Hmm.. ok busted!

6). Shows. I am debating whether to attend Derby Show this year, as its in a new location and further to get too. And prices have gone up!

Show attendance is getting pricey. Ticket prices have fairly well stayed the same, but its everything else, food, drinks and travel/petrol costs and frankly I have reached the stage where I have numerous "projects" sitting waiting to be done. And nothing new has grabbed me.

Our club has gone dystopian wars nuts of late.. it seems to be the new "in thing".. it was Flames of War a couple of years ago, but now it is Dystopian wars.. mostly naval but some land games.
I haven't seen the draw of it my self. I like the models for the most part, and the rule set reminds me of full thrust just with a damage threshold, system where you need to beat a certain level or it is just ignore before you can do any damage.

From what I can gather, dreadnoughts are king! Able to wipe out lots of smaller vessels without risk of damage most of the time, or at least able to soak a lot of damage.

So.. future plans!

1). Get the zombies done! Thats priority one! I want to get them game ready and done.
And then try and get some regular painting going.

2).. eerrr.. will see! I think. Too early to say for now. But vietnam is top of my list I think. :)