Sunday, 24 February 2013

South Cheshire Militaire - Sunday the 24th of Feb 2013

Well, got up early and headed for crewe.. a regular show on my gaming groups agenda for the year.
We have been for the past 5 or more years.
Usually a good little show, though mostly modelling related, there is usually some Wargames Content and the bring and buy.

This year, the show was sadly, not up to par on previous years. May be it was the 5 nations rugby or the football matches on.

However there were obviously less people, and a couple of empty stands. The models on show were nice, but many re-displays from last or previous years and few new things that I could tell.

The whole atmosphere felt subdued and I did not see that much trading/cash changing hands by the traders, certainly nothing to write home about.

So much so, that I was not minded to take any photos and that was the first.
I found a box set of 40k, for a bargain price, so that was good.
But otherwise, I bought some plastic glue, and a few pipppets and a couple of files, and that was it. Spent about as much on gaming sundries (40k box set, excluded) as I did in the Weatherspoons pub for lunch, which was nice.

We were all in agreement, it was a slow and very lack lustre day. Sadly it was freezing but the show, had no out side displays, no firing range and less displays and it was obvious.

So.. will we be back in 2014.. hmmm.. time will tell! Sadly it could be the end of the South Cheshire Militaire for us, if this is the start of a continual decline. I rather hope not, as its was once a good show with lots of interest.

Not sure where the issues lay, the organisers, the timing, the choice of traders, the lack of promotion, the failure to invest in the show year on year etc.. but what ever it is, I hope it is addressed as it would be a shame to see the show go completeley.

So, there you go.. a show without photos because I just didn't feel like taking the camera out of my bag to shoot some. A rather sad sad day. Hoping this is not the start of things to come, with gaming shows thigs year!