Thursday, 23 July 2020

The wonder of 3D printing.. Great Gargants!

Well I like many, marvel at the wonder of 3D printing and how the capabilities have come along. I own some 3D printed terrain that is awesome.

I have stumbled across this thread about a 3D printed version of the iconic Great Gargant that Armorcast made back in the early days of 40k. The one model I would LOVE to get my hands on..
I came close once with a USA based seller but in the end the shipping such a fragile resin monster all this way to the UK. Was just not worth it for the price.

I do own a head at least lol.. yes just the head! I have for years toyed with the idea of scratch building one, But I am super impressed with the build in this thread.

3D Printed Armorcast Great Gargant!

Looks nifty and also looks like several weeks of print time I suspect. lol.

But oh my.. Do I like this model! If only I have a super huge 3D printer or new someone who did! lol

Maybe in a few years.

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Removing Miniature Oxidization

So I have a few old minis that are lead and white metal and have turned super dark grey.
Not exactly full on"lead rot" but certainly a bit more corroded than I would like.
So came across this article on how to remove the oxidization and I am partly tempted to give it a go on a couple of my older minis. They are only likely to continue to degrade, so have little to loose.

I am familiar with electrolysis for cleaning rust off Cast Iron. I have just never used it for the purposes of cleaning miniatures. I will have to hunt out some carbon rods to use and give it a go!