Sunday, 21 August 2011

Text Colour - Is it easy to read?

Hi Folks,
I recently put a post up on TMP, to let people know about the blog and a comment was made the white text was not showing up well enough against the background. The background photo, does have some heavy lighting, (which apparently looks like snow, when it isn't. lol).

So if anyone is having a problem with the text, please let me know and I will tinker with the colours etc. For me, it looks quite good and i don't find any problems reading it. But I know some monitors these days can do funny things. So you if you think it can be improved or even if its ok and you like it, please post a comment.


legatus hedlius said...

For those of us with less than perfect eyes I do find the background intrusive and distracting. Personally I prefer just plain colours. Maybe you could restrict your background picture to the title panel as I do.

It does take time to work all this tsuff out though. You have posted a lot in a short time so keep it up!

Goose on the loose said...

I have darkened the background image in the hope it will improve the text contrast. I will have a play with the images etc in more depth shortly. And see which I think is better. Thanks for the comment.