Saturday, 5 May 2012

Alive.. yes.. just!

Hi Folks and avid fans.
Apologies for the lack of updates these last few weeks. I have been rather tied up with some very important stuff, in the form of an election. Thank fully that is over and now I can get back to enjoying my hobby.

So, whats on the project list for the future.. errr kind of what was on it at the start of the year is my honest answer.

My SST projects has stalled, and though I made some early progress on the Zombies, they to have not got any further along either. So for now, it will be a push to catch up with my zombies and get the rest of the horde painted.

I have been looking at options for rule sets and frankly so far, there are some ok ones. Like AR:SE out there, but I think I will probably come up my own set, as though some of the options out there are fun, none of them on its own quite hits the mark for me. So that will be a fun challenge..

I have also just started looking at pathfinder. Having had a break in roleplaying table top games for a while, I am now keen to get back to it. And not liking version 4 of Dungeons and Dragons, and from the sounds of it, version 5 which has just been announced, is likley to follow in the simulation of a PC game type approach to playing. I have decided to try Pathfinder.

As someone who has not following Pathfinders growth from its early days. Navigating the Paizo website and working out what the difference between a "adventure path" and a "chronicle" can be a bit confusing at first.

So, I will do a review of what I know and have discovered about the game as I go on and run my own game in it. So far I have one player for it and so will be hunting for a couple of other roleplayers to participate in it. Something which will be a challenge, as I still have not settled on a venue.

Well Triples Show in Sheffield is now only a couple of weeks away. I have very little money, and so it will be more a look see, than a shopping trip this time around. But frankly, I am not too concerned, as I keep glancing at my lead mountain, waiting for it to avalanche and thinking, I have too much crap already.

So, I am actually going to be restrained. Only going for the one day. Probably the saturday, may be the sunday. Still under discussion.

My usual hunger for wargames shows has diminished a little of late. Not solely due to less money to spend, but mainly due to less "new" or novel innovations in the periods I like. I don't know if it is just a passing phase or if I am suffering from "show burn out" or some such. Or my expectations are just too high.

Having seen a few more traders cease trading lately, it appears the recession here is sadly biting. I know my own spending capacity has gone way down. But at the same time I have also got the stage where I have that many projects yet to finish, there really isn't the room or motivation to move into anything completely new.

Given that many white metal 28mm figures have shot up in price over the years, I am rather glad I spent out on those I have when I did over the past few years. And I suspect I am not alone in having a sizable collection of unpainted metal sitting, biding its time, before being mercilessly thrown upon the painting table!

So, the incentive to buy more lead is no where near as strong as it used to be. Especially given that many figures are now double the price of four or so years ago. I know metal prices have been the major cause as well as world wide inflation and the economics, but it does not change the fact, they are no longer cheap.

I guess it is the times we live in alas.

So all things doom and gloom to one side. I have a big pile of the victory force zombies still to paint. And so they are now my next target! I want to get at least half of them done by the end of May!

Then at least I can plan a game with them. :)