Friday, 21 October 2011

Fast and Simple Gaming Fun..

Every now and then it is fun to have a change of pace and play a game that is fast and simple!
At the club we have adopted the AR:SE rules on the whole. Akulas rules have been play tested heavily and enjoyed by many over on the Frothers forums.

They are simple. They are inspred by several notable computergames and films and can be had for free! See his blog.

Last night at club, we had a quick game. Werewolves v hurman survivors. A simple and very bloody game, that loosely adhered to Akulas mechanics. I say loosely as we have tinkered and changed the odd thing. More on the fly than any real errors with the rules I might add at this point.

It is just a thing we occasionally do. The net result was four players and one games master, quoting dubious inuendo and film quotes regarding monkeys, whilst laughing our heads off, as our characters died in a plot that wouldn't even make it into a B class movie..  

However it was fast and simple and refreshingly fun. So if you have ever fancy a change of pace, and want something fairly simple. Then check out AR:SE, BAD AR:SE and Total AR:SE.. and give them a go.