Thursday, 9 February 2012

Scarily nice terrain..

Further to my previous post about finding people with skill and their production of scenery that makes you just a little envious.. ok,,  a LOT envious..
Have a look through this German site..

And his gallery on his Mordhiem board..

Seriously impressive work.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Blogs.. Great finds..

Now and then, and usually by some random chance. I come across a blog or miniatures site that has lots of inspirational photos and articles.
I really appreciate the time people take to help other gamers like me, by putting their own ideas down as we can follow them..

Well this is my latest discovery!

Great tips and articles on painting, on sculpting and on other areas.
Some really nice photos too!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Gaming update for 2012.. Errrr!

Hi Folks,
Well its the 5th of Feb. Already over a month gone into 2012..
My zombies projects has hit a brick wall.. A wall in the shape of me getting side tracked into doing a fantasy campaign.

But hopefully I can keep both projects going at the same time.
My SST projects is on the shelf for the moment. And I have still yet to decide quite what I am actually going to run as a game at Gauntlet this year.

My painting rate has dropped completely due other factors getting in the way.

But that should chance this week. I have some Lord of the Rings figures to paint for my skirmish fantasy campaing.

This weekend, my friend Steve and I managed to get some play testing done for the rule set I am going to use for my fantasy campaign. And we are quite pleased.. a few minor tweaks still needed I suspect. But for now, its good enough and we are happy enough to get a game going. I just need to get the figures sorted.

Well.. end of this month is South Cheshire Militaire, at Crewe. And this marks the start of the show year for me. I will be taking a big pile of bits to sell on the bring and buy. And what ever they sell for. Shall determine what I can spend. Though I don't have much other than sundries such as paints and glue on my wants lists right now.

Though of course, a national lottery win, would always go down rather well about now!

Seriously though, with the exception of some GW LOTR bits I want. (And refuse to pay full GW current prices for). I have little else I am after for themoment. An odd situation.

As usually I have a mass of things I want and lots of side projects and ideas. But for once, I don't.

My big aim was to get more paint onto lead this year. And so far, its not looking too great. Plenty of time left, but I do need to progress some more painting.

However that in turn means I need to strip some paint off miniatures to repaint them. So thats another task to get done.

So anyhow, thats a brief update of the year so far and a complete load of waffle. If you got this far, cheers for reading and I hope to have some far more interesting posts shortly.

Warrior Heroes - Second Game

With nothing planned by Colin this week and me and Dave being free again. We settled on another quick game of Warrior Heroes. This time, we had to fight our way back into the city, we had left (to destroy the screaming skull catapults) and save the Lord.. also the chap with our cash!

This time, Colin decided unliving were not as crunchy as he liked and so it was daemons.. winged flightless catapult demons (I will explain more shortly). It was interesting.

Steve turned up late but in time to get his humans into the fight..

The dwarfs and my elves, elected to climb back into the city over the walls, using the ropes we had handily left behind us, when we left to get the catapults..

The humans snuck in a small side door..

The dwarfs managed to loose one chap, who fell to his death, failing the climb roll with style.
The rest, or should I say, all bar the healer and leader, got over.

My elves got over the wall and waited for one last member.

The demons, in the city, the big bad one, decided to launch a strike against the dwarfs who it could see. This is where the winged, flightless catapult comes in.. basically the rules gave the demon some odd properties.. wings, but it couldn't fly. It was not a caster but it did have a ranged fireball type weapon so classified as a catapult for the purposes of deviation etc from what I could gather.

BAAAAM! And all but two of the 6 five dwarfs over the wall perish in blaze of evil fire! Ouch! One OOF, and two dead.. 50% casaulties and so far we have not all got over the wall.

Well the demons came on aggressively.. charge! The humans, launches some arrows at another demon big bad and got its attention. Its fire ball took down a few of them. It was not looking good.

The dwarfs (those still living) charged a band of minor demons. My band diced to open fire and dropped one demon who came into sight. The dwarfs cut down a couple but then the big winged catapult dude arrived and laid them low.. in one swing! Two dwarfs OOF and then my elves had to charge! The fight was brutal but thankfully the first round, forced two of my archers back and my hero.
The next round, when it came, the archers launched a mass of arrows (first roll ;) ) and the big bad, stuffs his roll. I get 5 successes and he gets one.. Ooof! Yay.. my elves step in and dispatch the oofed bad.
It was looking grim before that catastrophic change in luck. The humans fought some desperate fighting as the rest of the dwarfs got over the wall along with my last elf.
Thankfully the one remaining healer, (a dwarf ) then quick began to recover those laying on the floor.. those still alive.

Three dwarfs in total survived the demon barrage and the minor demon fight, and then the big bad..
I lucky only to have one elf oofed and thus recovered.
Over on the human side, the casualties were mounting, but a failed charge by an enemy caster type thingy, saw it run like a big girly off the table.. thank the gods,, err which ever ones the humans follow..
It was looking bad, if the demon hadn't.. then we searched all the houses.. and there were a lot of houses.. and then at last we found the lord.. and the Big Big Bad.. who bravely, launched magics at the crazy sole surviving bwarf bezerker who was charging toward him.. but the human leader step up and tickled him unde the chin, as he muttered the major words of power. and the Big Big Bad, was Oofed by his own backlash of magic!
And promptly had his head caved in by the humans.. Huarryy! We won..

With the city ablaze, the key to getting paid, sorr the lord in our grasps, we did what all good heroes do when winning!.. RUN!

So over the walls we went leaving the dying city to its fate.. some how I didn't manage to loose a signle elf this time. My war band did quite well. Archery is lethal, as we found out if your lucky.

It was a fun and furious and chaotic game with much debate about the bad guy strengths.. the demons are tough and without some completely opposite success and failure rolls, I think it would have been  demons 11, parties 0..

Its not a bad rule set. It is certainly different. I am happy to play it, as it gives mad fights with odd consequences etc. And it plays quickly. So for club nights its good.

I think our brave heroes, survivors etc are now heading for a village in desperate hope of finding some more people to hire. Our rolls for experience etc at the end, went arry and the dwarf leaders rep went down.. my elv leader went up, but failed my hardiness.

So.. shields and heavy armour! Its what every WHAA hero needs..

So, next instalment shall come to pass at some point in the future I suspect..