Sunday, 4 December 2011

Let the Zombie Horde Begin - Part 1 Scrubbing up.

Well hopefully you have read my review of the Victory Force Miniatures.
I bought some during their 50 for $50 deals (review is here ).

I had hoped to make a start on on these sooner but firstly have been faffing whilst I decided which bases to use. I prefer 2pence coins, but they VFM zombies are all tagged for slotta bases. But as my modern troops and everything else I have are on 2pences. I wanted to keep a consistent basing convention.

So its 2pences! Cheap, weighty and stable and readily available all year round.

So, that decision made.. I grabbed some milli put and trimmed down the tag on a couple and stuck them each into a blob of milli put on a 2pence. By trimming the slotta base tag down, it means they don't appear overly tall and are slightly more stable sitting into the milli put.

I usually use 2-part epoxy resin to glue figures down and will probably put some over the central tag to ensure they wont' come away.

So I reached for the first box and arrhhhh nuts!.. Yes, I had forgotten.. I had not washed or trimmed the figures. Oops. At least I had only done two out of the horde so far.

So out with a bowl, in went the figures, a handy splurge of washing up liquid. Fill with hot water. Stir with wooden spoon for a period. Change water. Stir again. Rinse and repeat until water runs clear and bubble free. Then tip out in a sieve and now laid out to dry.

So 100+ figures now drying. Sorry no photos yet. Will post some, once they are progressing. For now. Its waiting for them to dry. Then it will be trimming and cleaning up the flash. Then lots of fun with milli put I think.

I also have some zombie dogs, from the "zombies board game". A friend bought a "bag-o-zombie dogs" and I traded for the excess. I will  also be hunting for some Tank Zombies, and some other special type ones once the horde is progressing.