Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Victory Force Miniatures - 28mm Zombie Horde Figure Review

Those who have read my previous post here on the 50 for $50 deal by Victory Force Miniatures will know that I decided to invest in some.

So after an anxious wait, a little box arrived with two bubble wrapped sealed baggies inside. Each containing 25 miniatures and their supplied black plastic slotta bases.

Now the horde deal (which is due to end very soon by the way) is for fifty 28mm white metal zombie figures, for the grand price of $50. Thats about £40 ish with the current exchange rates.

The horde you recieve is not always the same. VFM have abouut 140 or so zombie figures in the range. Some are unique. Others are variants on the same model where arms or legs have been moved or reposed. And you pay for pennies and they pick a random assortment. Meaning you can get some duplicated.
On TMP there was much debate about the level of duplicates. Now I have to say it did not worry me overly. And as you will see from the photos. I don't think I actually got any duplicates. If I did, I have not found them yet..

So to start with. Here are the horde!

Part 1 of the horde 24 male 28mm Zombies

Part 2 of the horde 15 more male 28mm Zombies

Part 3 of the Horde 11 Female 28mm Zombies

As you can see from the three photos above. The pack contained 11 female zombies miniatures and 39 male zombie miniatures. If there are any duplicates I have not spotted them so far. And wouldn't be bothered if I did have a few.

The figures have a range of builds and sizes. Some are obviously variants and do have a similarity to others, but nothing too noticeable. The build of the figures varies, some are slim others more chunky, but are all good fits for the "28mm" category. If you pick your opponent figures from any of the current swathe of makers such as hassle free, EM4, TAG etc I don't think you will find a major disparity.

The casting quality is good. Its not the greatest, as in there is some flash and mould tags that need removing. But frankly I have had much worse from other makers. So given the price. Top marks to VFM so far.

Now onto a few close ups.

VFM 28mm Zombie Female Miniatures
As you can see above. The female figures are easily identifiable. The posing is good. The faces are not the most expressive or detailed, but then they are zombies after all.

Close up of VFM Male Zombie Body Builder
 The figures have an integral stand tag and come with a 25mm round slotta base provided. These also provide a handy scale reference for photos.

This figure stood out when I looked through. Firstly because it is slightly chunkier due to the subject matter. But also has some good detailing. As you can see to its left the other figure is more representative of the majority. With what I would say as a medium level of detail and texture detailing. Now I don't wish that to come across to harsh. We have to keep in mind VFM have obviously set out to make them a "horde" set. I was actually expecting a lower level of detailing when I ordered. So am pleasantly surprised.

Range of poses.
 The above photo was an attempt to show some of the poses in the range. The majority are the a-typical stand up shambler pose. Some have out stretched hands and there is one in the set with no legs or kneeling.

Variety of VFM Zombies
 So the variety of subjects is good. Some are clothed, some partially, some with whole or complete limbs, some missing limbs. Some with very obvious zombie "bite" marks some with far less obvious ones.

In fact if you were nifty with a Green stuff, a few hole fillers and you have some very good civilians or hapless survivors/victims. Something I am considering possibly doing.

Detail close up VFM zombies
 Close up you can see there is some nice room for paint detailing. There are few "hard edges", so dry brushing  will have to be done with care. Every sculptor has their own style and most of the type its faces that stand out. There is a general similarity in many of the figures faces, and this may be from the use of standard dollies and many of the faces are looking upwards. I may tweak a few to lean forward. But that is personal choice. 

So.. if I had to give points out of ten.. One being "I could do better with play-do" and ten being "its too good to go near the gaming table, ever!"  then;

Figure Proportions: 6/10
Figure Variety/Poses: 7/10
Figure Detailing: 5/10
Production Quality: 6/10
Value for money: 9/10

Conclusion - I think as a range of figures. They are good. They are moderately well detailed and their style is definitely in keeping with their purpose. They should fit well with just about any other zombie range figures out there at present.
They are cleanly cast and will not require too long to clean up. There are no separate parts. Which for me is a bonus as they are a horde and that means speed of painting. So less time required for assembly the better.

And value for money! - I think these are about the best you can get. Definitely in white metal. Though with the caveat that this is the last time the 50 for $50 deal is running before a price rise. So hats off to VFM


The Extraordinarii said...

This is a handy review, I like the way you went about it, I have always wondered about buying this set, and I really like the fat bald dude in the patient clothing staring into space, if you have a double of him and are willing to part with him, I would be happy to swap you two of my 'studio' zombies for that one fat dude... if not its cool.
Thanks for posting the review, was useful.

Goose on the loose said...

If I wind up with a duplicate of him I will let you know. There are a couple that stand out in the set. That one, the femal maid outfit zombie and the muscle man one, amoungst a few.

Goose on the loose said...

sorry Extraodinarii, out of my sets I only received one of that figure.

Rogzombie said...

The service was friendly and very quick, too. I bought several of the full range specials for me and a friend. It was a great experience and they look like they will be fun to paint.

Nicely reviewed :)