Monday, 24 October 2011

Victory Force Miniatures - Zombie Horde Deals Ending 31st Oct.

Victory force Miniatures over in the states do a fair few 28mm miniatures. They are a range up until recently I had not even heard of. Then I spotted a post on TMP about some of their figures and the deals they have. And a friend also mentioned them.

Image Copy Right of Victory Force Miniatures

The one most notable to many, is the 50 for $50 Zombie Horde Deal. The zombie range they do has a mix of unique and variants in it. I.e. there are some unique figures, such as the mascot zombies and others, and then there are some general zombie figures with many, be altered to give variants, or slight changes in poses etc.
The net effect is good. The sculpting is good. They are not going to win painting competitions, but frankly when you are buying a zombie horde. Do you really need "a lot" of detail. My personal opinion is no.

However, this is the last 50 for $50 deal they are running before they have to put the price up. Presumably due to the rising costs of white metal, which in recent months has been shooting up in massive jumps, as market forces, mean people moving stocks from banking into commodities.

Any how the net result has been an across the board price rise in the miniatures market for white metal. GW who forecasting must have said prices of metal were due to continue to rise, has stopped metal figures and moved to their fine cast resin. Though this has had mixed results in the market.

VFMs deal means at around the £1:$1.50 ratio we have in currency for the UK, its less than a £1 a figure including their $16 dollar shipping. Which frankly is about the cheapest white metal 28mm prices I have seen in a long time.

I think its refreshing to see a miniatures company, offering this deal. Even  if you run the risk of getting a few duplicates in the mix, as they are picked by the staff out of a "pool" of figs. But by going on the posts of TMP and from friends views who introduced me to them. It appears the number of duplicates varies from zero to 20 or so in the 50. Which to me is perfectly acceptable. Given the saving.

So.. if you are giving some thought to some horror gaming and you want to get a good horde going, then its an offer that frankly only has a short time to run and I would say, is worth a punt.

I will do a review of the figures shortly in more detail. But thought others might wish to share in the deal before it goes.

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