Saturday, 30 June 2012

Dungeon Accessories - Part 1

Well only a few days to go till Gauntlet and I am trying to get a few dungeon accessories painted for my game.

Here are a few shots of what I have managed today.

Some resin and white metal barrels and chests and bits.
 The first shot is of some part painted resin and white metal pieces I have just started painting. I am experimenting with colours for wood effects.

The pieces are by Irregular, Ansty Castings and some barrels and resin chests from a defunct trader on ebay.

Being undercoated.
 This is the second batch. Some small barrles and bits like treasure chests. Most from Irregular again, but with a few older GW. Went with the white undercoat to give brighter colours but it does mean you have to accurate with the paint, or it shows through where you missed.

Fenryll resin weapons pack.
In addition to the barrels, chests and sacks etc, I want some Diablo style weapons racks. So a while go I picked up for 99p on ebay, a fenryll resin weapons pack. Not a bad selection.
I will scratch build the frames/weapon stands and then glue them into place, so I can represent armories and guard rooms.

This pack would be good for anyone with heroic fantasy figures interested in converting too. Though the resin is brittle I found. The morning star has already lost its head. But some glue and drilling should fix that.

Will try and get a few more photos as these projects progress this week. All have to be done by end of play thursday. Nothing like time pressure eh??

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The big clean up has begun.

So not long now till Gauntlet.
And I need to get some painting done. So have been cleaning up a bit and trying to uncover the painting table, and tidy up the piles of half completed projects etc that litter it and the room.
The good news is I found a box big enough to dump most of the semi started, semi completed projects in. And the remainder should go into a selection of smaller boxes.

But it has proved one thing! I have too much stuff! lol

Seriously, it is amazing how bulky gaming figures/forces/armies and scenery can be.
I can see the purchasing of more "Really Useful" storage boxes in the near future. As frankly, unless I get it sorted out, half of these projects will never get any further and be lost. Meaning a waste of effort in starting them.

So with bitter determination. It is time to throw out some practise peices and consider having a rationalising day after Gauntlet has passed.

It does feel good to get some of the clutter shifted and sorted. I have a habbit of saving boxes, so I can post things out when I sell them on ebay. This habbit has gotten out of hand, as I now realise I have over 20 small to medium sized boxes just "hanging about" incase.

I know that inevitably I will need them once they are slung, but hey! Thats a problem for tomorrow, so now I soldier on, waste deep in boxes and plastic.

The gamers nightmare and evil menice! Clutter! It shall be beaten!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Blooming Eeck part 2

Well I cannot believe it. Nearly 12 months to the day!
Wow.. time fly's..

This time a year ago I was furiously painting 28mm afghans and modern troosp for my game at Gauntlet 2011.

This year, its ten days to go and I still have some dungeon pieces to start on. Flip!
And my painting table still a mess.. oh well shall have to put in another few evenings work I can see ahead.

Well hopefully I can get all the pieces done in time.

I have decided to use simple D20 as the rule system as it is in line with version 3 of D&D, meaning I can use the base monster stats from the books.

I will pre gen some characters and put them into envelpes so people randomly get a choice to save arguments. Should be fun and swift to play.

No masses of skills, just stats, hits and ac effetively.. :)

The planning of my layout is taking some time and have scrapped two ideas as too timely.
Its the balance of having enough for a full days worth of playing. I can re-jig it easily over night to allow same players a new experience on the sunday.
So wish me luck!