Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The big clean up has begun.

So not long now till Gauntlet.
And I need to get some painting done. So have been cleaning up a bit and trying to uncover the painting table, and tidy up the piles of half completed projects etc that litter it and the room.
The good news is I found a box big enough to dump most of the semi started, semi completed projects in. And the remainder should go into a selection of smaller boxes.

But it has proved one thing! I have too much stuff! lol

Seriously, it is amazing how bulky gaming figures/forces/armies and scenery can be.
I can see the purchasing of more "Really Useful" storage boxes in the near future. As frankly, unless I get it sorted out, half of these projects will never get any further and be lost. Meaning a waste of effort in starting them.

So with bitter determination. It is time to throw out some practise peices and consider having a rationalising day after Gauntlet has passed.

It does feel good to get some of the clutter shifted and sorted. I have a habbit of saving boxes, so I can post things out when I sell them on ebay. This habbit has gotten out of hand, as I now realise I have over 20 small to medium sized boxes just "hanging about" incase.

I know that inevitably I will need them once they are slung, but hey! Thats a problem for tomorrow, so now I soldier on, waste deep in boxes and plastic.

The gamers nightmare and evil menice! Clutter! It shall be beaten!

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