Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Blooming Eeck part 2

Well I cannot believe it. Nearly 12 months to the day!
Wow.. time fly's..


This time a year ago I was furiously painting 28mm afghans and modern troosp for my game at Gauntlet 2011.

This year, its ten days to go and I still have some dungeon pieces to start on. Flip!
And my painting table still a mess.. oh well shall have to put in another few evenings work I can see ahead.

Well hopefully I can get all the pieces done in time.

I have decided to use simple D20 as the rule system as it is in line with version 3 of D&D, meaning I can use the base monster stats from the books.

I will pre gen some characters and put them into envelpes so people randomly get a choice to save arguments. Should be fun and swift to play.

No masses of skills, just stats, hits and ac effetively.. :)

The planning of my layout is taking some time and have scrapped two ideas as too timely.
Its the balance of having enough for a full days worth of playing. I can re-jig it easily over night to allow same players a new experience on the sunday.
So wish me luck!

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