Monday, 18 June 2012

Blooming Ekk! - Only three weeks go! Arrhhhhh..

Ok, the realisation has just dawned on me.. err.. its three weeks to go now.

Gauntlet 2012 - Our clubs show is only three weeks away.. scary!

In the past I have put on big games. And that has usually involved a rabbid painting rush and mad last minute secenery painting to get the game done even painting thing on the friday night before.

This year, due to one reason or another, I have not embarked upon such. Mainly due to other life concerns.. so this year, I am rolling out a Dungeon Bash. Good old fashioned, bash the monsters and grab the treasure. Partly because I like games like that. Partly because it means I can roll out my large collection of Dwarven Forge in a big layout for a couple of days.

So.. having made that decision. I need to design the dungeon.. (hmm or at least the plot and story for the players). It has to be simple as its a turn up and play game. So I am toying with going with basic D20 RPG. Six stats, a handful of skills, an AC and hit points as I want.

My other option is to use Bladestorm by ICE. But that is a bit more complicated and more a skirmish battle system, which is fine if you have the time to invest. But I do like the system. Hmm choices, choices.. The gaming system and plot aside. I also need to get some stuff to fill the dungeon with. I have a fair few figures from the D&D prepainted plastics miniatures range, so they should give me enough things to populate most of it and give each player a representative figure.

Its then a case of filling in rooms with furniture etc. I have bought a couple of packs of scenery pieces, barrels etc here and there from various makers such as Ainsty castings and some off ebay, in the past, but they will need painting. So it looks like it could once more be a mad rush to get things painted again! Oh joy.. at some point I will remind my self why I do this every year and swear I won't next year and so on an so forth..

So here are a few shots from various places on the web of some larger layouts. Hoping to do something long these lines, but of course not an exact copy..

From -

From -

From -

Hmm.. looking at those photos, I really better get some planning done soon. :)

There are some more photos of lovely layouts here too:


David said...

Nice looking layouts- it will beinteresting to see yours when it is done

Goose on the loose said...

Cheers.. Yes I still have to get a lot of things painted.. the "eek" part is getting Nothing like being prepared. So they say!