Thursday, 24 May 2012

RPG - Adventure Building Process Options. Part1

Hi Folks and Followers.
Firstly apologies, the Triples shows update and photos will be coming along shortly. But things have been pressing for my time. Thus they will be on their way. I promise! I took a lot of photos of the games and day, so there is a fair bit of work in sorting them out.

Right, onto my quick topic for today.
This one is for the RPG-ers in the audience. But also some of the hints and tips are also quite handy to keep in mind when designing narrative type game scenarios.

I came across the following video series. I am not going to link the entire 10 videos. So just look for the rest on you tube.

Now, I think for a seminar, this presentation could have gone a bit smoother, the handing for the mic forward and back is a bit distracting, and the fact its very hard to hear the suggestions from the audience is annoying too.

BUT and its a big but! There are some very handy tips in this series of shorts.
I won't list all the findings here now as time is short. But I will do a follow up to this post with some of my own views and opinions on game designs and adventure building. So for now, just wanted to introduce folks to these videos, made GenCon 2010.

I think you will find them interesting, if a bit long winded, so apologies for that. But stick with it. Some handy info there.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Triples.. an intro..

Well we made to and back from triples safe and sound.
I will be doing a full review, once I get the photos I shot uploaded.
I took a fair few, so will take a little while. One of my other hobbies is rather keeping me mad busy at the moment. So will try and get the photos and write up sorted out.

So, check back soon for the photos and review!