Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Paint Stripping - Part 2

Well as a bit of follow on from my previous article about paint stripping and the agents in use by some of our gaming community and my preference for Dettol.

Today, I picked up a bottle of "Acetone Free" nail varnish/polish remover. I have been told by a fellow club mate, that it is the agent he uses.

Also, the enquiry was made, what about Coca Cola.. of either variety.. it certainly eats teeth, so will it eat paint.

So anyhow, some expericements shall be following in a day or two as I test out these agents and see if they can be added to the armoury of paint strippers.

So, watch this space.

(See Paint Stripping Part 3 for more info) 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Clutter - The gamers evil addiction..

So you are a wargamer, right.?

You have a dedicated painting table, correct.?

But somehow the world conspires to cover it in masses of ever growing clutter..

It is a conspiracy it tell you. Last year I had a pretty good clear out and managed to get the point where my painting chair was free to use and the painting table.
Now I can barely see either. Hmmm where did it all come from. And what is it?

The answer is, its stuff I hauled out to look at when I had a whim and interest in something and then somehow never got to put it away. Worse, the place that is came from has now been filled, with something else.

So, yes, its storage problems partly.. and just the fact that was gamers, I am not alone in buying new things here and there without really contemplating if I needed them. I just had grand ideas which have yet to be realised in the main.

So.. yes, it is time to be more strict and cut the clutter and buying. To paint what I have and to keep it organised and tidy.

Hmmm de-ja-vu is springing to mind.. was this not what I said last year..

So anyhow, it was and I am know it was. So operation table clear #2 is now about to commence. The aim to liberate my painting table.
However moving the clutter aside will not suffice this time. I need to sort some longer term storage of paints and tools etc to keep it the table tidy. Not only so I may paint, but also so I may be able to tackle some of those modelling jobs where cutting etc is required.

So, paint storage.. this will be one issue to investigate. Lots of commercial options out there, but most are pricey and most don't fit what I want. I need some sort of paint rack to take vallejo paint bottles and hold them horizontal, so i can mount the rack vertically against some shelves. I can see some engineering being needed.

Anyways, this is one project to get things started. The other is also a clear out of some non progressing projects and miniatures.

Will post some photos of how things progress in the coming weeks.