Saturday, 7 July 2012

Gauntlet 2012 - Setup and day 1.

Firstly, apologies, not photos, yet! But what a day..

All started yesterday when the tables were delivered but due to the rain the football club had to use the hall for practise. That ment no access till 9pm. Then 80 odd tables had to be setup and laid out.
Then I finally got all my dwarven forge boxes carried up and the tables I was bringing and then started to lay out the game. I finished at 12.10am.. and was then back at 7.30am to open up.

So yes a very long long day. But was it worth it. Ohh yes. Have a great layout and four very happy players, who have enoughed the chaos and mayhem of a simple dungeon bash.

So its an early night. So hence no photos with this post, sorry. They will following tomorrow.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Dungeon Accessories - Part 2

So I have made a bit mor progress on painting my Dungeon Accessories for this coming weekends game at Gauntlet.

Most are done in vallejo model colour flat earth, but a nutt brown ink wash.
The yellow ocher is looking on. I was trying for a lighter colour wood and went with a german pale cammo brown, but now quite sure how it will look.
So far all they have had, is an undercoat, and base colour and washes. Some of the washes are not done fully yet. I tried to dip them in the wash and be lazy, but all that happened was the pieces stuck to the board and pulled paint away when i removed them.

So now I am painting it on with a paint brush and doing about hard of each piece at time to avoid this.

So this is it so far!

Progress so far on the dungeon accessories.
 My attempts as making a weapon rack or three have so far gone now where.
First my " NWSL The Chipper II ", has got too thin a blade and I am getting deflection when cutting even thin strips such as 1.5mm thick styrene.

So had to revert to a craft night. I was struggling to come up with a sturdy design that would survive gaming handling and still look "authentic" as it were. So in amoungst all those clips is the first propper attempt. Using some 1/4x1/4 balsa strips.

You can just see on the right, the liberated and cleaned up fenris weapons items.

The first aseembly of what I hope will be a solid design.

Hmmm need more clips!

Liberated from their sprues - Fenris fantasy weapons.
So now I need to wait for the glue to dry and whilst that is happening. I will undercoat the fenris weapons. I planned to mount this to the weapon stand permenantly, but have decided not to now.
I think they will be better to use as scatter items and treasure rewards in the game but also in future games.

Having realised how much DF I have, and how small an amount of accessories I had and the lack of time. I decided to cheat,, well I ordered some bits form Morgar (off the DF forums) and some painted barrels. These arrived today. By pegasus and not too bad for the money.

I bought some of these to suppliment the ones I was painting.

Will post some more as they come along. Only 4 days including today. Eek!