Saturday, 7 July 2012

Gauntlet 2012 - Setup and day 1.

Firstly, apologies, not photos, yet! But what a day..

All started yesterday when the tables were delivered but due to the rain the football club had to use the hall for practise. That ment no access till 9pm. Then 80 odd tables had to be setup and laid out.
Then I finally got all my dwarven forge boxes carried up and the tables I was bringing and then started to lay out the game. I finished at 12.10am.. and was then back at 7.30am to open up.

So yes a very long long day. But was it worth it. Ohh yes. Have a great layout and four very happy players, who have enoughed the chaos and mayhem of a simple dungeon bash.

So its an early night. So hence no photos with this post, sorry. They will following tomorrow.

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