Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Paint Stripping - Part 2

Well as a bit of follow on from my previous article about paint stripping and the agents in use by some of our gaming community and my preference for Dettol.

Today, I picked up a bottle of "Acetone Free" nail varnish/polish remover. I have been told by a fellow club mate, that it is the agent he uses.

Also, the enquiry was made, what about Coca Cola.. of either variety.. it certainly eats teeth, so will it eat paint.

So anyhow, some expericements shall be following in a day or two as I test out these agents and see if they can be added to the armoury of paint strippers.

So, watch this space.

(See Paint Stripping Part 3 for more info) 

1 comment:

Zombie Ad said...

Cola is scary. I used to use it to clean our toilets.