Sunday, 5 February 2012

Gaming update for 2012.. Errrr!

Hi Folks,
Well its the 5th of Feb. Already over a month gone into 2012..
My zombies projects has hit a brick wall.. A wall in the shape of me getting side tracked into doing a fantasy campaign.

But hopefully I can keep both projects going at the same time.
My SST projects is on the shelf for the moment. And I have still yet to decide quite what I am actually going to run as a game at Gauntlet this year.

My painting rate has dropped completely due other factors getting in the way.

But that should chance this week. I have some Lord of the Rings figures to paint for my skirmish fantasy campaing.

This weekend, my friend Steve and I managed to get some play testing done for the rule set I am going to use for my fantasy campaign. And we are quite pleased.. a few minor tweaks still needed I suspect. But for now, its good enough and we are happy enough to get a game going. I just need to get the figures sorted.

Well.. end of this month is South Cheshire Militaire, at Crewe. And this marks the start of the show year for me. I will be taking a big pile of bits to sell on the bring and buy. And what ever they sell for. Shall determine what I can spend. Though I don't have much other than sundries such as paints and glue on my wants lists right now.

Though of course, a national lottery win, would always go down rather well about now!

Seriously though, with the exception of some GW LOTR bits I want. (And refuse to pay full GW current prices for). I have little else I am after for themoment. An odd situation.

As usually I have a mass of things I want and lots of side projects and ideas. But for once, I don't.

My big aim was to get more paint onto lead this year. And so far, its not looking too great. Plenty of time left, but I do need to progress some more painting.

However that in turn means I need to strip some paint off miniatures to repaint them. So thats another task to get done.

So anyhow, thats a brief update of the year so far and a complete load of waffle. If you got this far, cheers for reading and I hope to have some far more interesting posts shortly.

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