Sunday, 21 August 2011

28mm Vietnam Project - Part 1 - First Batch

I have intended to spend this weekend starting on my 28mm Vietnam Figures. I have amassed a fair number, mostly baker company, force of arms and some odd TAG or Westwind ones. But I was not feeling to well, so Operation Table Clear was postponed after starting, but not before i discovered an anonymous brown paper bag. Inside it contained, the last lot of figures I bought from John Bruce at Force of Arms. And one of my favourite models. The M48A3. 

However my joy was slightly tempered when having liberated the bag from where it had obviously fallen from my painting table clutter. I discovered some of the M16 barrel tips were badly bent. And one had snapped. Possessing some fine drill bits, I will attempt to repair them with some fine brass wire. Not something I have had to attempt before, but will give it a try.

So here is the Patton- or M48A3 in all her 1/56th Scale Glory awaiting assembly.

M48A3 Patton Tank by Force of Arms in 1/56th Scale
M48A3 of Troop A, 3d Squadron, 5th Cavalry "Black Knights"

 The kit looks fairly straight forward to assemble and as usual with John Bruce's work, the detail is very good. A little resin flash, around areas like the muzzle break but nothing too serious. A couple of minor air bubbles again around the muzzle break, but these should be easily filled. I have had a lot worse from far bigger producers.

The figure range he does, called "Junction City" covers some interesting subjects and poses. And some handy figures, such as RTO's and FOO's as well as two natty reporters in fatigues with camera and note pad. I just don' think my painting skills are up to the standard of getting the peace symbols lapel badges quite yet.

Force of Arms 28mm Vietnam Figures from Junction City Range
Having liberated these from the jungle of the floor in my painting room, the next step will be clean, wash, base and texture the bases before under coating. And also repair the couple of busted barrels. This will officially be the first stage in my Vietnam Project.

Army Press Crew FoA Figures

You will have to excuse the poor camera work here. But I just wanted to show two of my favourite figures. Probably not the most tacticle battle winning unit in the game, but for sheer character and helping to capture the Vietnam figure, you cannot realy not have a reporter on the battle field, getting in the way and point his camera lens at the CO at the most inappropriate times.. and I also love the poses and sculpts. They should look like this once painted.
Photo Courtesy of John Bruce of Force of Arms

And thus the Vietnam project begins. Check back for the next update.


Shelldrake said...

I am looking forward to following this project as I have a big interest in Vietnam wargaming.

I have small collection of 20mm figures, but want to game in 28mm. I have some LRRPs but not much else.

Will you be using a modified RoE for the game or another set of rules?

Goose on the loose said...

Thanks Shelldrake, I will be using the mod I am writing for RoE at the moment. The project got a bit delayed due to time on other things, but I am hoping to get the play testing version out by end of Sept. I have been working on an extensive weapons list, Much to Mark and Stu's (Great Escape Games) ammusement. I got a little carried away with specifics, and so will be trimming it down a little bit.

So watch this space for more updates as they come along. I found another box of nam figures today. There are still two more unaccounted for, in the mess that is my painting room.