Friday, 26 August 2011

Recon Mission at the Club.

Thursday nights is club nights and Tom had recently finished painting his 28mm WW2 Ranger Platoon. So having had a break from playing Rules of Engagement, I dug out my trust basic german grenadiers platoon. Actually based on a luftwaffe field regiment platoon. Ie, very basic low quality troops.

We rolled "recon" in the mission settings, ie, both rolling a 1 on the scenario selection chart.
Its a tricky game. One player sets up with hidden tokens but is "unpreppared", and his oponent has to basically uncover/detect as much of the force as he can.

It proved that rangers a tough foe to take on. Thankfully depsite a few rounds of bad, dice, I was able to get a few LMGs to concentrate fire and then the numbers started to tell. But my mortor was dire! The dreaded 81mm, was not quite so dreaded.. I must have had 3 dud rounds at least in the game. But it was good to get back to playing RoE, having been diverted into a few other things of late.

You cannot beat a good game of WW2. And given the massive lead mountain i own, which is now accompanied by a large resin pile. Its something I should work on. But my vietnam comes first.

Sorry for lack of photos, but I managed to leave the camera behind.

Next time.

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