Saturday, 27 August 2011

28mm Vietnam Project - Part 2 - Rest of the US todate.

Following on from here having slightly recovered from the bug that put and early end of operation Table Clear and attempts to liberate the painting table from the clutches of "p.o.j" (piles of junk), I managed to find a couple of anonymous looking brown boxes. Vaguely remembering something linking them with my Vietnam gaming, rash eBay purchase and blaming my self for a faulty memory, I discovered they did contain 28mm white metal and in fact that belonging to my Vietnam collection.

So here we have the remainder of the forces I am starting the project off with to date;

Free World (Continued from Part 1)

Baker Company Blisters and TAG 0.5cal US Infantry Figures

Two storage trays of mostly Baker Company US infantry
As you can see.. in addition to the packs of Force of Arms packs I have picked up over the last couple of years a reasonable number of Baker Company miniatures and the odd The Assault Group one or two.

I have found that these three figure ranges though having slightly different sculpting styles, fit together quite well. Though other ranges like Parkfield and the new one from Ebob, Recons ranges may fit, I have yet to see them in the flesh. So couldn't say for certain.

In total I should have enough for a reinforced US infantry platoon. I won't be making them unit specific as such, as I try and keep my forces as flexible in terms of periods and units I can choose to represent with them, as I can.

For now some are based, basing being the good old British 2pence coin and texture provided by Basetex Paint from Colour Party (not yet applied) with some model railway ballast sprinkled to provide some rough patches. The same technique I have used for much of my WW2 figures. I like the finish and the durability. I have yet to have a figure come loose or detached. I use 5 minute devcon two part epoxy resin adhesive to mount each figure once they have been cleaned. Once based they will be undercoated ready for painting. 

So the next step for these is to get cleaning up the FoA and remaining Baker Company pieces and then to mount and texture the bases as above in preparation for undercoating. 

For the eagle eyed out there, you will notice some downed aircrew figures in the bottom left hand corner of the right hand tray. And below them, some civilian figures. Mostly farmers and labourers. I plan to do these as the same time as I do the US figures. 

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