Saturday, 27 August 2011

Vietnam 28mm - New Australians from Force of Arms

The following was posted by John Bruce, from Force of Arms over on TMP.

"Talking about Force of Arms – as I might, is this a good time to draw your attention to our New figure Range in the Operation Series – this time Australians

Op Hammer, 5RAR at Binh Ba 1969
RAR01 Infantry Squad (8): 1@ M16, M60 & M79; 8 x SLR £8.00 GBP
RAR02 Pl HQ (4): 2 x M16 – 1 w/PRC25, 2 x SLR at £5.00 GBP
RAR-Pl Platoon Pack: 3 x RAR01, 1x RAR02 + 2 special figures(Mortar Fire Controller w/Owen SMG and Scout w/M16) for £29.00 GBP

Updated list just on site – photos will follow, when I get the camera back!

All best John FoA

Oh yes and we've a great range of Australian armour too " < original post from here;

The one force I have not got in my own collection to today are Australians. Their forces though small in number, played a big part  during the conflict. Their contribution and proffesionalism is sometimes majorly over looked.

So, these will definitely on the list of get in the near future. For the moment I have my hands full with the last batch of US infantry I picked up from John, so till they are done these just remain on the "wants" list.

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