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Starship Troopers The Miniatures Game by Moongoose

When I got back into wargaming back around 2008. One club night I was invited to take part in a game of Startship Troopers. Run as a multi player game with each player controlling one squad, and using the basics of the Mongoose Publishing rule system, but not quite in its intended way. It was a great game, and the next day I had a trawl through the net looking for sets. It was just after Mongoose had stopped producing it I discovered to my dissmay and many places had sold out sadly.

Well in the years since I have played a few more games and picked up the odd pack and box set here and there. Then about two months ago I was looking for some figures I had bought and put in the attic for safe storage. During the search, I found a couple of those "anonymous brown boxes". You know the kind that you stuff things into prior to bunging them in the attic, whilst at the time telling your self, you will of course remember in a year or two exactly whats in them.

Needles to say, the first two had a few bits of SST in them, some Mobile Infantry and some Arachnid units. Well as my search went on, and on for the elusive figures I could have sworn were lurking in the attic, I discovered more SST packs. After about an hour, I realised that my collecting, buying the odd pack here and there off eBay, through shops etc, had kind of grown just a little.

And in fact I had completely lost track of what I had. So I set about digging it all out, once I located the missing figures, which as fate would have it, were not in the attic, but in fact in my painting room, in another "abb".

So out of the attic it all came, and came, and came. It took most of an afternoon. A swift excel spread sheet later and I suddenly realised what had started as a minor project of interest. Now consisted of over 1000 figures, needing building and painting. I wish I could say it was a complete collection, but it isn't (see my wanted list in the topics). 

Soon after the first game, I had the idea of eventually running a campaign. Partly inspired from watching the animated "Roughnecks" series. Which if you haven't seen is available on you tube. Not strictly in keeping with original Starship Troopers Book (or movie film) it, is closer than the latter is though.

The campaign idea, was to give a player a basic set force structure, a map and have them select what they wish to commit in way of forces to which locations and which objectives. I will run the bugs and the plot as such and leave the player to make his descisions. It sounded so simple when I first thought of it and talked it through with a friend who wants to play the MI.

So, any how. The challenge is now, to try and get these done. I love the figures and rules, but have to profess that constructing the figures, particularly the plastic ones is timely. I actually put 14 or so of the warrior bugs togather a while ago and started on some troopers.
But at the time I go distracted with my 28mm WW2 collection, so they got tucked away.

Mongoose Starship Troopers The Miniatures Game - Basic Box Sets
So how many bugs does one need? I have 80 or so, to be built and painted. The majority coming in the basic box sets (above) which should contain 20 each, but two of the sets I bought were part used and from bring and buys at shows. And so as a core for my bug army, I have around 80 of these delightful plastic nightmares, sorry marvels to build..  The figures l ook great once done, but if anyone else has ever tried to assemble these, they will know, they really do push ones patience a little.

However I am committed (or should that "be") to getting these done. Few gaming systems, give me that teenage tingle of excitement, that thrill that for inexplicable reasons, just hooks you to something.
The first was Rogue Trader, back in the day, then WW2, in 28mm and now definitely SST.

So, keep an eye out as the project progresses.
Also if you happen to have any bugs etc you don't want or need, I may be able to offer them a good home. :)

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