Sunday, 28 August 2011

Operation "Table Clear" - The continuation

Warning - A waffly post ahead.. read if you lack sleep or are just bored..

I spent yesterday hunting for some Vietnam figures and also trying to bring order to the chaos that is my painting room and liberate the painting table from the evil forces of clutter.

For some reason I go through phases of painting, then stop for a while and so on and so forth. The net result is, the painting table becomes cluttered, with various things and thus if my motivation is low, I tend to use it as an excuse not to paint and thus prolonging the time between painting phases.

I have finally had enough, and so its time to look at firstly getting the table clear, and secondly better storage sollutions for my paints, my tools, and miniatures.

As a compulsive horder of miniatures, I have a mass of WW2, Starship Troopers and Vietnam, along with some other Moderns etc etc, that all take up space. The attic has been over run and the shelves I bought recently been filled. The worrying fact is, that most of this is with miniatures that have yet to be painted, and so sit densely packed. Once painted they will take up a lot more space. So somewhere something is going to have to go!

I have already this year, sold off some 40K pieces, and have some others lined up for the bring and buy at Derby this year.

I am probably not alone, amoungst gamers in having amassed too much stuff, all with great intentions, but facing the reality that half may not see paint or a gaming table, this side of 5 years from now. On top of this, I have run out of space to store things.

The Starship Troopers Miniatures, I have just started on as a secondary project to my current Vietnam one, will take up a "lot" of space once done!. Each warrior bug is equivelant in space terms for about 6-8, standard 28mm WW2 figures. Thankfully they are durable and need little in the way of protection as such. So can go en-masse into a big storage box. Given I have 80 or so of these, I am hoping I can get the majority into a 35ltr or 40ltr storage box. But at the moment, I don't know where I will put them.

So the next day or two the plan is to try and sort a more semi permenant solution for the paints and tools etc on the table as a start. Whilst I review other options for figure storage.


The Extraordinarii said...

Keep at it mate, found your blog via FOF forum, and am about to embark on a Vietnam Project myself, I am now following your blog with much interest

Goose on the loose said...

Cheers. The FoF forum is a real hidden gem at times.
Hoping to find some time later this week to get some more done on the vietnam project.