Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mobile Infantry Fortress

One of the most memorable scenes from the original Starship Troopers film is the attack on Whiskey Outpost.

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The classic "last stand" type game. And one that SST naturally lends it self too. Hordes of bugs, swarming the walls, as a meager band of heroes try and hold out, till rescue arrives.

Now, tactically the Hollywood factor has been applied badly here. The big surrounding cliffs etc mean for ease of overlooking and the stalk like structure means any bug with half a brain would simply use their powerful jaws to cut them apart and bring down the walls. But hey, don't let any form of logic interfere.. ;)

Well criticism aside for now. The campaign I am planning to run for SST will require some kind of "base of operations" for the Mobile Infantry Force. And it would of course be silly to turn down the opportunity to play a siege type game.

So a week or two ago I posted this picture;

The mystery parts!
And asked if anyone could guess what they were. Well no one quite got there. So its time to reveal, yes, you should have worked it out now.. that its a space ship!

Only kidding. It is indeed a fortress. Well in fact two parts of a prototype modular design create by my self and copyrighted (Copyright 2011).

The four strange E shaped piece, are the main structure, the larger being a base, onto which the three smaller pieces fit. The larger crenelated piece is the front facing wall and the smaller plain rectangle with the cut outs is in fact the upper walk way supported on top of the upper pieces of the E shapes.

The two hexes and four smaller crenelated pieces are actually a tower/corner/hard point unit.

In theory, a series of wall sections and the towers should allow for a variety of shapes and designs in a stable (able to support he 60mm larger bases of SST Marauder Suits, M8's M9's etc and the reliant weapon platforms.

I have to thank Steve here, who has diligently played around with the laser cutter, to get these parts into reality. It is a prototype and I can definitely see some modifications being needed. But in principle I am very pleased with how it had some out.

I was hoping to get the parts put together but have not manage that yet. Might do later this week.

So what do you think?

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