Friday, 2 September 2011

High Priced Miniatures - Crazy! Where will it end?

Well a post over on TMP, showed these lovely minis. Don't they look nifty. 28mm Scale (apparently being 40mm tall) and the kind of thing that would fit in many a sci-fi game. Be it an army, a skirmish force..

Studio McVey Miniature
Studio McVey Miniature
Now before you do as I did, think.. "stunning, time to get the plastic out".. the price is £21.99. Yes, you read it right. £21.99. Oh plus £2.95 for postage on top.

Now, I have not come across this company before; 

and they may be a classic one man band type, and yes resin is pricey stuff. But I just am shocked by the price of a single figure. Yes I know Games Workshop are heading toward this price range per single figure. But their sales are dropping like I stone I have been told.

As someone who ran his own business, I don't begrudge people making money. But I will be very surprised if they manage to sell vast numbers. Such a shame too, as the figures are gorgeous. The very impressive paint job helps too of course.

Will we see a 28mm figure costing £30 by the end of 2012? I hope not..!

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