Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Wargame Shows and Calendar for the UK

The popularity of Wargames and Gaming related shows has definitely grown in recent years.
I enjoy wandering around then, not only for the opportunities to buy figures etc direct from traders and see new things. But many operate a bring and buy stall where you can list for a small fee and sale percentage, items you no longer want or need.

The number of shows each year seems to be on the increase though there are a few well established ones, which attract thousands of visitors, and tend to run for two days over a weekend.

For me, one of the best shows is WMMS, as it tends to be the first show of the year. Its only an hour or so down the road and is large enough to have a variety of periods and scales covered, but not too large, as to be a chore to navigate, and require reinforced elbow pads, merely to progress through great hordes of the unwashed.

Talking of unwashed. Seriously, this is one aspect of the wargaming hobby that needs to be resolved. Seriously, wargamers, tend carry the geek label. And frankly, many deserve it. Hell I am a geek and proud of it, so that frankly does not bother me. But I also know what a shower is, and what soap is used for. OK it may be a bit out of date, technology wise, as it is not blue tooth enabled and generally does not have any form of app to plug into it.

Without any jest, at the last two shows I have attended, I have had to walk away from either trade stands or the bring and buy stall due to the proximity of pungent odours from the great unwashed. One smelling so badly of urine, it physically caused me to gag.

I know show arenas and halls get hot, lots of hot air, etc etc, but frankly, there is no excuse not to make an effort at least.

Right rant over! For now at least..

If you are looking for a good list of wargames shows, well the closest you will find and is generally accurate and updated frequently for the UK is; 


As you can see, there is hardly a month, without at least two or three shows in it. Sadly for me, as I have a self imposed ban on going anywhere near London due to the stupid travel costs , mean Triples and Derby are about as far as I go.


Crazy Joe said...

I agree absolutely, but I don't suppose there's much we can do about it in these enlightened times. Displaying signs asking "Have you showered?" would probably cause someone to scream support for the unwashed minority's human rights. The sweat of good honest toil is nothing to be ashamed of, but this is a build up of bad personal hygiene.

And you forgot to mention backpacks. I've seem Marines carrying smaller bergens than some wargamers hump round shows.

Goose on the loose said...

Glad I a not the only one to have noticed the hygene issue and I know exactly what you mean about the Human Rights.

I am waiting for someone enlightened news paper or magazine to print an article stating we wargamers are promoting conflict.