Thursday, 1 September 2011

Rippler Bugs Sir! Thousands of them..

Ok, so not quite thousands. Infact 9, shiny news ones.

Starship Troopers Miniatures Game Rippler Bugs
I mentioned winning these in my last post, about flight stands. And they arrived today.
I thought at the time, I had two other boxes, maybe three. Infact this is number 4. All still sealed. So I now have 36 Rippler Bugs. If you have not seen the animated series entitled "Roughnecks", check out You-tube. The entire series has been uploaded. Anyhow, in the series there are three types of Rippler bug. Basic ripplers. Acid Ripplers and Kamakaze Ripplers.
So at least now I will be able to paint up some variations and field some rather large swarms. The MI have a few AA capable tools, and I have some Nighthawk marauders in my collection. So these along with my hopper bugs, of which I have 21. Then I should be well catered for arial targets.

I hope to do a few construction reviews as I go. Purely for nostalger as these figures are now long OOP and sadly unlikley to ever be re-released. Shame as the game was fun.

On a side note, these now bring my "Bug Collection", to a grand total of some 260 individuals in total. Hmm that is a lot of painting and building ahead. I really should crack on and get some more done.

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