Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Basing - Choices for Starship Troopers - A dilema!

Ok, firstly an apology for the lack of progress on the Vietnam and Starship Troopers fronts. I am just getting over a bug, (no pun intended) that struck over the last couple of weeks.

However, now wishing to make some progress on at least one of my current two projects. I have hit a snag. Its quite a big one. Basing!

The SST figures, in their original format came on some plain plastic bases, 25mm black round solid or slotted, for the plastic and white metal infantry. The bugs as a whole are free standing.

Now, the issue is due to picking up a few packs etc second hand, I am short of bases. Also I am not a major fan of plastic bases. Generally using my 2pence pieces for everything else.
But nearly everything else I have does not have white metal tags. And so to use 2pence pieces. I would have to trim these down slightly or even completely for the white metal MI figures.

The other options is to use the rounded bases. The ones with a central depression and black raised and rounded edge. I have never used these and have no idea how tricky they are.

Generally my basing style is, to fit the figure to the 2pence, with epoxy. Its tough and not had any come loose yet! Even when trod upon. (Not recommded). The metal figure bent rather than detach. Not sure that was good, but then treading on your precious miniatures is not recommended.

Once the glue is dry. I tend to layer on some Basetex paint. Sprinkle a bit of model railway ballast on in patches to give some texture variety and then leave to dry. Rub off any un-glued ballast and figure is ready to undercoat.

Now I prefer to base then undercoat and I am sure others will choose the reverse. But now I am still ensure which way to go.

Looking at Dropships Site and his MI platoon.

Photo from Dropship.org.uk
You can see the original mongoose plastic bases are perfectly servicable. They are near if not identicle to the standard games workshop infantry bases.

But I I am wondering if the figures will look better on these

I suspect the answer will not arrive untill I try all three options and decide which I like the most.

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