Friday, 9 September 2011

Basing - Choices for Starship Troopers - A dilema! Part 2

At the club, I was chatting with a club mate about the issue of basing for my Starship Troopers figures (See here for the original post ).

Having gone over the options, whilst watching a demo of the new Critical Mass Games rules and figures (15mm, see my brief comments here ).  I have decided to settle upon 2pence pieces.

Firstly they are cheap. Being only 2pence each. Secondly I have loads, pre-washed and ready.
Thirdly, they will make the plastic figures slightly more stable, as the CoG will be lower and they are slightly wider than the plastic versions they come with. And fourthly I know how to get a good basing effect with them, using basetex paint. (See this excellent guide by Matakishi)

Now this will mean I will need to look at the white metal Mobile Infantry figures, and review quite how to mount them onto 2pence pieces. Our local hardware store has miliput at around £2 a pack, for super fine, black or standard. Since my last packs went stale. Not having learnt at the time, that putting greenstuff, brownstuff or milliput etc in the freezer will extend the shelf life for years.
So, will experiment a little and see. I might need to trim the tabs down a little or i might be able to get away without. Hoping to get some basing done this weekend as i have just been too busy with other things unfortunately this last week or two.

So, check back shortly and see how I have gotten on.

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