Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Battle of Long Tan - 18 August 1966

As I have recently been digging out my vietnam figures, I was surprised to see a post on TMP, about the anniversary for the battle of Long Tan just passing recently. The major engagement of the Australian forces recently getting in country, is one that is often over looked when the conflict is studied. For those who have not heard about it, it was was a brutal and bloody encounter, which pitted the still fairly green yet professional well motivated Anzacs against a vastly bigger, yet less professional VC force. The battle was remarkable in many ways, for things such the torrential monsoon rain it was fought in. The proximity of the enemy, and the close and remarkable effect of heavy artillery. Though the Anzacs took a pounding, and lost a lot of men, they did not buckle and the VC were forced to flee. It gave by all accounts, a severe bloody nose to the VC at the time and forced them to re think their strategy.

The following website contains information on the units involved and the battle itself. 

The Australian contribution to the war I think is easily overlooked. Though their numbers were much smaller than their US counterparts, they fought aggressively and with courage and have left a lasting legacy and respect in the hearts of their one time adversaries.

Graham Rodger - Battle of Long Tan Song


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