Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Space Hulk the RPG

Spacehulk was a game I never really got into when it was first released and second edition came out during my gap in war gaming. But when third edition arrived, I picked up a few sets. The board pieces were very nicely made and figures very detailed. Having played the campaign and enjoyed the game for what it is, a simple and yet very tactical game with a great sense of tension at times, I felt the full potential of the sets was not used, in the standard game.

So… out came some paper and some pencils and a few scribbles and discussions with a friend, and whalla.. Spacehulk the RPG was borne. Firstly its not a full RPG, its just a simple system allowing players to play one or more marines, with multi-hit points, armour and play in a more roleplaying style. Rather than one hit, your dead, as in the basic game which is fun. However, my adaption allows for multiple players to either play multi squads or play multiple character from one squad..

The basic premise was to firstly expand the current range of bad guys, from the genestealers and broodlord, to include Warriors, Zoanthrope, Ripper Swarms, Raveners, Small Carnifex and the big daddy of the lot, the hivetyrant.

To balance out the new threats, the aim is to include rules for Standard Marines, Terminator Chaplains, Terminator Apothocaries, Terminator Captains, Techmarines, Inquisitors and Sentry Gun Drones.

The first few play tests have gone well and though we are still working on some game balancing, the basic principles are there and giving fun and interesting games.  I hope to release the final version as a free pdf, so others can enjoy it. Though we have only used this with 3rd edition game, it should work with 1st or 2nd.

I will explain more as it comes along.. watch this space!

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