Tuesday, 16 August 2011

28mm Afghanistan - Models

I realise it is not some peoples cup of tea, to game current or recent campaigns. I can appreciate it is uneasy for some, and thus they don’t enjoy it. But I have grown up with friends serving in the forces. Many of whom are themselves gamers.

I have had an interest in Afghanistan, and its historic and current conflicts for a while, from the soviet era through to the current operations. I was gutted a year or two back, when just as I made the decision to buy some figures from Mongrel Miniatures, they shut up shop in the UK.
So, was over the moon a year or so later when I managed to aquire a few sets. A month or two after that, the range reappeared.
At the same time I was reading through some books, on the british army in Afghanistan in 2006, and onwards, such Attack State Red and 3 Para. Both excellent books and worth a read for anyone who wants to hear a soldiers eye view of the war at that time. With Gauntlet 2011 Gaming show coming up soon I decided I would run a game and so.. I began to assemble some Mongrel Afhgans and some Empress Taliban figures. The later ware very much modern day, in style and clothing. The former are more 1980s in style and equipment but fit very well in modern terms and so.. here are some photos of painting and assembly..

In the end I gathered a large set nearly 70 plus Taliban / Mujahedeen fighters as my op-for. Here are a couple of shots of some of the weapon teams and massed ranks.


Greg Sapara said...

Great in-progress shots!

I, too, have embarked on an Afghanistan project, with many of the same miniatures you have chosen.

Did you use a "dip", or the Army Painter system? Just curious.

I am using the AP system, and have found that it works very well, even on camoflaged miniatures.

Best of luck with the project, and let's see some more shots of the completed figures!


Goose on the loose said...

Cheers Greg. No I don't use dip as such. I make a wash using Newton and Winsor Nut bruwn ink with a tiny bit of washing up liquid and a tiny drop of black paint in it. Diluted with de-ionised water.

A little goes a long way. If you have not read the book "Attack State Red", then I would definitely say its worth a read. Will give you loads of ideas for games as well the real difficulties if fighting a war in that terrain.