Saturday, 20 August 2011

Project Planning - 28mm Vietnam

A few years back I won some 28mm Baker Company vietnam figures, in an auction. They came badly undercoated and chipped. After straightening them out, and stripping them (I will do a seperate guide on these two topics at some stage). I popped them into a storage tray and there they have remained.

One reason that have lain there undisturbed, has been the lack of good rule set. I bought a copy of Ambush Valley and Force on Force, by Ambush Alley Games. But frankly, it was not quite to my liking. Its not a bad rule set. Just the flow the game is not one I like and it is very easy to get lost in the reaction cycles etc.

Anyhow, having dug out copies of Charlie Company etc, I came to the conclusion there was nothing that grabbed me as, hitting the "feel" of the period. Having enjoyed Rules of Engagement for WW2, because it captures for me, the feel of the battlefield, the tactics and the differing forces characters, it struck me that RoE would work well for vietnam with some alteration. Thus I began writing a mod for RoE. In recent months I have hit the stage where, pushing pieces of paper across an empty desk, trying to replicate actual games and test mechanics have been exhausted. It is time to get the figures going.

So, it was I clambered into the attic and dug around and found my nam figures. Since winning my initial set, I have picked up packs here and there, from bring and buys, and then a big purchase from John Bruce at Force of Arms back in feb.

So now I need to plan what units to do and in what order. I should have enough to do a platoon roughly of both US Infantry, or Areo Inf, a VC cadre platoon, and a NVA platoon to get me started.

I have a few painted VC that I picked up on ebay, so I am tempted to prioritise the US figures. I will post a few photos of the starting sets and as the paitning progresses. I cannot wait to get these onto the table and get some games going.

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